Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Naked Barbie

20 x 16
Oil on thick Canvas

I never understood that little wooden articulated doll that all artist use to paint the human form. I've had one since I started painting because... well... you need one if you're serious about being a real artist right? All it did was confused me! So I just had the best idea! Barbie can be my model! I spent about 1 hour at Toys r us choosing mine. I wanted blond Barbie but I could not leave without this latino Barbie! She's so pretty! So here it is! From my first photoshoot with Barbie. I had way too much fun. My daughter never played with Barbies (They freaked her out) so I had not dressed or combed Barbie's hair since 1984!

I thought I would add the real picture just for fun