Thursday, October 27, 2016

Black cat

6 x 6
Oil on canvas

​Hey!  I have a great idea:  I'll paint a black cat.  It'll be so easy! 
I have never been so wrong!  Have you ever tried to paint a black cat?  I was not prepared for this. Thirty minutes into it I was ready to scrape it off!  I picked up a big brush and threw away my tiny, pitiful brush.  I started to give the canvas some angry "I don't care" strokes.  You know which ones I'm talking about…  Then, to my surprise, it started looking less like a five year old was painting and more like the master piece I was aiming for.  When I finished, I looked at it and wondered if it was me that painted it… I have no idea where this came from. The style is different then what I usually do… I'm extremely pleased with it!  This was certainly a real challenge!  I love my painting world!