Friday, February 8, 2013

No name.. yet!

I haven't posted in a while because I had a Canadian cold :) So I haven't been painting either. 

One week!!!! So what could be better then getting back in the "groove" with a big project! 

This is a "contest that my town is having. The selected artist are to have a reproduction of their painting on a post on the bike path. A fun project but one that is pretty much reserved for artists that already participated in the last edition. But before I had my hopes crushed by the rules.. I had my idea in my head and I I figured I would make it anyways!

 My idea is that this girl.. my daughter when she was little... well, she is looking up and getting recharged by the sunshine!! I may call it -Solar energy- but I'm not sure... If you think of a good name, let me know! I had to readjust myself from doing small daily paintings to bigger ones. Can you believe this size is the smallest they accept for the contest?!? Anyways, I had to stop because the fumes were getting to me. I can't open my window because of the snow storm! 

You can also get a glimpse at my studio ;) and some of my paintings that are drying before getting shipped out!