Tuesday, January 8, 2013


8 x 8 
Oil on canvas 
This is for this week's "Dailypaintworks.com" challenge. We had to try something new! Well, I thought about taking out my old water colours. Then I got scared! So I went out and bought myself a small knife. The one I had was way too big... it came with my first oil kit from when I was 16 years old. It was a Bob Ross kit! I wanted to make pretty happy trees!!! Most of my trees were crying and no mater what Bob used to say... they were not happy accidents ... Through the years this knife has been used only to scrape the paint OFF the canvas and never to put paint ON it! So I decided to try again! I stayed away from trees. I painted my usual subject.. one that I know very well. Me! Well... me enhanced! I did not paint happy trees but I was very happy while I painted me! Thanks for forcing me back on my horse! 
 "I believe every day is a good day when you paint and it will bring a lot of good thoughts to your hearts" -Bob Ross-
Go see this remixed video of Bob Ross's best moments! I love the way he "sees" the paint world!